USMT и 0x80070057

В процессе миграции с Windows XP на шаге Request User State Storage получаем сообщение об успешном окончании задания. В smsts.log видим следующее:

Failed to create certificate store from encoded certificate.. This is usually caused by a problem with the program. Please check the Microsoft Knowledge Base to determine if this is a known issue or contact Microsoft Support Services for further assistance.
Unknown error (Error: 80070057; Source: Unknown)
Failed to decrypt state encryption key (0x80070057)
Failed to parse response from Management Point (0x80070057).
ExecuteCaptureRequestMP failed (0x80070057).
ExecuteCaptureRequest failed (0x80070057).
OSDSMPClient finished: 0x00000057
Process completed with exit code 87
Failed to run the action: Request User State Storage.
Unknown error (Error: 00000057; Source: Unknown)

После длительной мороки проблема решилась кардинальным методом: вывод-ввод клиентского компьютера в домен и переустановкой клиента.

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