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  1. Mirza Obeidullah Baig:


    I have viewed a few of your videos on YouTube,

    I was hoping you could guide me on a career path I would like to be just like you and want to have a job that manages and deploys software and use SCCM.

    in my company out specialist is retiring soon. can you suggest what courses/certifications I should take to build a resume. also can you suggest conferences I should attend to stay up to date on SCCM related solutions.

    I spoke with my manager and he said that I have 4 years to move in to that role and that I should start working on getting certifies and doing part Time work for the current specialist.

    I currently work with End User Support team as a Technical support analyst, before that I was working as a IT Helpdesk call center rep. I have no official certificates, I learned everything on the job.

    your advice and guidance would be appreciated.


    • admin:

      I would recommend you to build your own lab on Hyper-V and deploy just a few VMs — domain controller, SCCM and 2-3 Windows 10 clients. I can find a lot of videos on Youtube or step-by-step guides with screenshots how to install SCCM.
      Then — basic configuration, clients deployment, software distribution, etc. Also you can find a lot of guides in the internet. As for conferences I would avoid visiting. It makes sense if yu already have some experience with the product. Also you can buy a book «System Center Configuration Manager Current Branch Unleashed» on Amazon.
      Certs make no sense for me — hands-on experience is much important. Certs are required if you are going to work in IT consulting company.

      So if you have money, I would recommend to visit official MS course 20703-1A. If you don’t then building own lab + YouTube + book.
      The perfect scenario is course + lab + book.

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